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Pest Prevention

1. Many pests are attracted to and thrive in dirty environments. Cleaning areas that are not commonly seen on a daily basis will help with this regard.

2. When a pest problem presents itself, if you are not absolutely certain about how to address the invasion, contact us. This will help keep the costs lower as the issue will be easier to address.

3. Many pests are seasonal. Be prepared to administer a preventative barrier or schedule a time for us to come out to prepare your home.

4. Some pests come on pets. Make sure that pets that spend large amounts of time outdoors receive the appropriate vaccinations and are cleaned regularly to help keep them from bringing pests indoors.

5. In dark areas with little foot-traffic, it is wise to apply regular residential pest chemicals and to prevent spiders and roaches from gathering and breeding.

6. If you have a pest problem currently, please let us help you to contain the situation and set you up for success going forward.

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