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Mites, Ticks & Bedbugs


Where did all of these mites and bedbugs come from?

I've cleaned all of the clothes and blankets, but they continue to pop up!

Can I take care of the infestation on my own?

I'm fed up!

Come get these guys!

All ticks, mites and bedbugs come from outside. They are tiny and hard to spot. Mites and bedbugs spread incredibly fast and will often begin in one area of your home and grow to occupy other rooms.

Mites and bedbugs will inhabit mattresses, carpets and also get into baseboards and walls. Professional treatment is oftentimes required to eliminate the spreading invasion.

Many time attempting to address these types of invasions may cause them to worsen, spread and overwhelm your home. We can help you in this battle to reclaim your home.

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